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Charter School Development-Operations-Management 




 Our team of professionals have over   25 years experience in the Charter   School Industry​​

 Simple mistakes caused by   inexperience can result in unecessary delays and frustration. 
 Responsible and transparent   management of public funds is not   only crucial, it is the law.

 We carry out fiduciary obligations   responsibly and take appropriate   measures to ensure that resources are used efficiently, economically   and effectively.

 While charter schools can work as   intended, the barriers that charter   schools face during their   establishment and development   often require knowledge and   expertise to effectively overcome the   challenges. ​​

“Choice’s” focus is to ensure high performance school leadership in each managed school. Critical areas of focus include student achievement, compliance, budget, student retention and highly effective innovative teachers and practices.

Working in conjunction with the school principal, “Choice” assists in student achievement data analysis to help inform curriculum development and high yield instructional techniques to make sure that all students are performing at highest potential.

In addition, management services to support and ensure high performance with compliance requirements and managing a balanced budget. Ultimately, by monitoring the critical areas of school leadership closely, the result is high performance at every level of school operation where the unique mission of each school is realized resulting in high student retention year after year by exceeding student and parent expectations.