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CHOICE Charter School Services is a team of professionals with a single goal; Improving the quality of education in the United States of America. Our team's home-base office is in Pinellas County home of the 7th largest school district in Florida. As you browse our website, you will discover how CHOICE can assist potential, new and established Charter School operators bring your Mission and Vision to a relality.

​We provide Charter School Operators with the tools, resources and services that will aide in developing and magnifying the academic potential of every child as an individual. Our team's first priority is quality education. Our services are designed to "support" your program; we fully understand and support the governing board's ethical and financial responsibility to maintain 100% oversight of the school program. Our reputation is built upon honest and transparent cooperation with governing boards, school teams and school district authorizers.

OUR GOAL is to remove the day-to-day operational challenges school administrators face, and empower those charter school leaders to create and lead successful and innovative charter schools.

Our Success Partners

Building Hope 

LAI Group

Athenian Academy Clearwater

Building Hope has provided over $200 million in direct loans, credit enhancements, and equity investments to support over $1 billion in school construction. This assistance has supported 200 charter school projects in 18 states and the District of Columbia, serving more than 70,000 students, more than half of whom live in underserved communities.

LAI Design Associates is a full-service engineering firm qualified in all facets of design/build projects. Our team of experts offer innovative design, engineering, planning and construction services for commercial, educational and residential projects throughout South Florida.
 Founded in 2000 as The First Greek Immersion Charter School in the USA.
 The Athenian Academy Charter School is a TUITION FREE public charter school in Pinellas County offering a quality choice in your child's education. At Athenian Academy, students in grades K-8 receive excellence in education in a small-school, caring and nurturing environment.

Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools

Corey Thornton Productions

The Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) is the state's primary membership association of public charter schools. Established in 1999 as a non-profit organization by a grassroots group of charter school operators, it provides advocacy, support, resources, and networking opportunities to new and existing charter schools, parents and students. FCPCS also promotes the establishment and operation of high quality public charter schools throughout the state of Florida 

 Corey Thornton has been recognized as “Best Educators of The Year” Pinellas County School District, and by Bay news 9 as “Educational Heroes” as well as numerous other awards. His vision is to continue inspiring everyone not just a few thousand but millions, especially our rapidly growing future adults across the world
Athenian Academy-
Fort Myers
We are proud to announce the expansion of Athenian Academy Charter Schools!
The First Greek Immersion Charter School in the USA - Founded In 2000