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Most people don't plan to fail; they fail to plan

Board Recruitment
Board Training Resources
Policy Guidance
Operational Guidance
Financial Oversight Guidance
Non-Profit Status Development
Bylaws Development Guidance
Conflict of Interest 
Budget Preparation
Audit Requirements

Facility Acquisition and Development

Great ideas remain ideas without financial resources to turn ideas to realities.

Financing Referral and Resources
Construction Resources
Lease Agreements

The importance of "quality management" is equal to "management of quality"

Full Service
 Our team of professionals has designed a variety of service options to meet your needs and your budget; from consulting, single service plans and full management options.  Our Consulting and Business  Service fees are based upon the services you need, student enrollment projections , specific projects and anticipated time frame to complete a project.

  Operational Policies
  Procedural Policies
  Financial Policies
  Employee Contracts
  Performance Evaluation 
  Accounts Receivable
  HR and Benefits

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what is possible;suddenly you are doing the impossible

Application Developmment
Starting, managing and operating a high quality charter school can be a rewarding life experience however, no amount of money,  passion or innovation will get a charter application approved. Charter School operations are expensive, regulated both by state laws and school district policies and as unique as the students they will serve.  On average, Charter School planning to implementation phases, are  between 12-15 months. Successful operations begin with financial resources, knowledge, experience and wisdom; without those elements, new operators are almost guaranteed to experience delays and disappointment.  

 Application Research
 Application  Development
 Target Population Research
 Target Population Demographics
 State Law Research
 District Research  Application Development Compliance
 Start Up Grant Development
 and More.....